1. PJ Masks

PJ Masks

Our Superhero's- PJ Masks go into the night to save the day!


We are super excited to announce our Superheros PJ Masks™ will be at Trabolgan this season.  With super Cat speed, super owl wings and super lizard grip these superhero’s will bring lots of amazing adventures for all the family to enjoy. 
Under current Covid Guidelines our characters will not be doing live shows but keep an eye out around the park to see if you can spot them out and about for a stroll!

Catboy™- A blue eyed boy Connor transforms into a blue cat costume with cat ears and a thin feline tail called Catboy™.  Catboy™ is the leader of the PJ Masks™.  He has Super Hearing using his Cat Ears, can leap high and far using Super Cat Jump and sprints fast with his Super Cat Speed!

Owlette™- An auburn eyed girl with brown hair who wears glasses Amaya transforms into a red costume with wings called Owlette™.  She has Owl Eyes which lets her see things that are far away up close and she also has super Owl wings!

Gekko™- A green eyed blonde haired boy Greg transforms into a green costume with reptilian tail, fins on top of his head called Gekko™.  His powers are super Super Gekko camouflage to go invisible or blend into his surroundings, Super Gekko muscles to lift heavy things, Super Lizard grip to climb walls, buildings or anchor himself to stop vehicles and   Super Lizard water run to walk on water!

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