Frequently Asked Questions

Information About School Tours to Trabolgan


1) What Type of School Tour Packages do Trabolgan offer?

Trabolgan offer school tour/groups packages to suit everyone.  Our packages start from as little as €15 per person and includes entry and 1 activity.  You can add on additional activities for €10 per person and build you on your activities this way.

2) Does Trabolgan cater for all ages?

Trabolgan packages normally start for children aged 6 years + up to teens and adults.

3) Is Trabolgan wheelchair friendly?

Trabolgan is wheelchair accessible and we offer a range of activities suitable for wheelchair users.

4) Can you cater for a large group?

Yes, we can cater for groups of all sizes from groups sizes 10+.  For larger groups they will be split into subgroups to take part in activities.

5) Will there be somebody working on the activities?

There will be fully qualified instructors on the adventure sport activities including Go Karts, Climbing, Abseiling, Combat Laser, Bungee Trampolines and High Ropes.  Footgolf and crazy golf are not supervised activities by Trabolgan staff. 

6) How long will the day take?

Depending on how many activities you pick depends on how long the day will take.  Once booked a full timetable of activities is sent to each group prior to arrival.

7) Do you have food options?

Yes, we have food options that you can add on to your package.

8) Are the teachers expected to take part in the activities?

The teachers do not have to take part in the activities unless they would like to do so.  However they are required to be in supervision of their group at all times and for students taking our swimming option teachers are required pool side on the deck with suitable footwear throughout the duration of their swim.

9) Does Trabolgan have first aiders?

Yes, we have many fully qualified first aide staff around the park to assist if required.

10) Does an adult need to get into the pool with the children?

An adult is only needed at the poolside to in a supervisory capacity, or in the plunge pool if a child under 9 wants to use the water slide.

11) What is the minimum amount of children to go ahead with an outing?

The minimum size for a group booking would be 10+ students/ people

12) What do I need to bring with me on a day trip/school tour?

Depending on what activities you are taking part in you would need rain gear, change of clothes, closed in shoes, swimwear, swim hat, towel and a long sleeved top.

 13) Do the activities need to be booked in advance?

Yes, all activities as a group would need to be booked at least 2 weeks prior to your arrival.

14) Is there a height/age restriction on the activities?

Yes, there is an age restriction on most of our activities and a height restriction of 150cm on our Go Karts.

15) Is there a deposit needed when booking?

Yes, a €5 per person deposit is needed once you have made the booking

16) What time does the day start?

We are open from 9am-6pm, a start time will be arranged once a booking is made and a package is decided

 17) If it’s raining what will happen?

All of our activities would still go ahead unless the weather is very bad in this case we would sort alternative activities for the group.

18) How many leaders/teachers do we need to bring with us?

Depending on how many people will be in your group is depending on how many sub groups you will have, you will need at least 1 leader/teacher per sub group.

19) Does everyone have to do the same activities?

Depending on how many people are in the group, if the group needs to be split into sub groups then each sub group will need to take part in the same activities but at different times.

20) Do you cater for Transition Year TY Trips?

Yes, we have a programme in which Transition Year (TY) students stay with us.  During the daytime we would arrange for the group to take part in activities and attend educational talks and then we would have entertainment in the evenings.  This option would also include half board dinning.


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